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Mar 15 2024

What we're wearing this season...

Dust off your mini dresses and pack away your winter coats, Spring has officially entered the chat! To help you get inspired for Spring, we’re revealing the top trends of the season. From the accessories to include in your seasonal stack, to the colours that will be ruling our wardrobe for the next few months – get your hands on the latest trends for less.

Rosettes for Spring 


Florals for spring? We know, groundbreaking. But this season, traditional florals are out and rosettes are in. The revival of florals in fashion is being embraced with open arms this season, with rosette motifs blooming all over Fashion Week.  

The Simone Rocha FW24 runway, in particular, perfectly encapsulated the growing rosette trend. The collection is the perfect expression of girlhood, seamlessly following suit with the growing popularity of the coquette trend – embracing all things pink, frills and fuss.  

Take a leaf out of Simone Rocha’s FW24 collection and adorn your look this season with a selection of chic rosettes, perfect for elevating even the simplest of outfits. Explore our selection of unique brooches, corsages and accessories donned with rose motifs – perfect for any occasion! 


White for Spring  


This spring, keep things clean and fresh with procaline white pieces. While the thought of spring might make you think of bright colours or pastels, prepare to see more subdued colour palettes this season.  

Key designers, like Cecilie Bahnsen, have featured white as a core colour in their SS24 collections – giving a fresh new take on traditional spring styling. The coveted Scandi label showcased a range of interesting and sculptural white garments during fashion week – adorned with frills and ruffles for a delicate feel.

Incorporate shades of white into your outfits this season with our selection of timeless white accessories. For an elevated edge, explore our collection of pearl jewellery – perfect for adding a signature finish to any look. 


Futuristic Fashion  


Futurism is the new 'cool girl' trend, predicted to take charge this season! The rise of artificial intelligence is a hot topic right now, and it's not just influencing our tech — but our wardrobe too. Innovative brands like Ganni and Susan Fang have experimented with futuristic fashion in their SS24 collections, and the result is both intriguing and ethereal.

Susan Fang's collection featured a mix of coquette-inspired designs paired with futuristic elements. Models walked the runway adorned with 3D floral jewellery made from resin, embellished waist chains, and trending cord necklaces

Style the futurism trend yourself with our range of floral jewellery and futuristic accessories. 


Vacation Vibes 


Spring means we’re one step closer to the peak holiday season, so why not dress for the occasion? The rise of resort wear fashion has sparked the trend of styling vacation wear for the everyday. Because while we can’t always be lounging poolside, who's to say we can’t dress the part?  

In honour of the return to resort wear, coastal-inspired jewellery is having its time in the sun this season! Take inspiration from the Schiaparelli SS24 show, which featured opulent jewellery pieces adorned with enchanting sea creatures.  

While wearing a necklace with an oversized lobster might not be for everyone, opulent gold statement studs, chunky chain necklaces and jewellery adorned with seashells are the ultimate finishing touches to any outfit.


There you have it, the top trends you’ll be seeing more of this season! For more trending styles, discover our selection of bestselling accessories here. Don’t forget to tag us in your looks for spring over on our Instagram or TikTok with #MyLovisa for a chance to be featured.  

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