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Mar 20 2024

Birthday presents for Aries  


Aries season is right around the corner! If you’re yet to find the perfect gift for the Aries in your life, don’t worry – you've still got time. We’ve curated our guide to the ultimate birthday gifts, perfect for your bestie, partner, or even yourself.   

From signature staples your loved ones can style in their everyday stack, to occasion-ready accessories perfect for complementing a birthday outfit, discover our guide to affordable and Aries-approved birthday gifts – perfect for any budget.

Aries traits and characteristics

Aries are natural leaders! These passionate fire signs are known for their boldness and determination, making fierce leaders and energetic companions. It’s these qualities that make Aries our go-to for a burst of energy or a last-minute plan.  

Aries thrive on forming connections with people who share their passion and ambition. They base their relationships on excitement, spontaneity, and a shared drive for success. Because of this, Aries naturally connects well with fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. They’re also highly compatible with air signs, like Gemini and Aquarius, who appreciate and share Aries’ energetic nature.  

Personalised birthday gift ideas


Often, the best gifts are the ones that are personal to who we are! This Aries season, nail the birthday brief with our selection of gift-ready, personalised jewellery pieces. Spoil an Aries in your life with our selection of silver and gold plated jewellery staples, each adorned with personalised charms and pendants.  

For something refined, opt for gifts adorned with initial charms and pendants. Choose from our range of pendants, bracelets or ring packs adorned with the initials of your loved one. Each piece of jewellery from our Initials Collection is crafted with real gold and silver, making signature staples your loved ones can style in their everyday stack. 

Discover our entire collection of initial jewellery here and get gifting!   


Trending gift ideas


Fire signs are inherent trendsetters who aren’t afraid to express themselves! Make Aries' birthday month special with some trending accessories  perfect for styling to all their birthday celebrations.  

Discover our collection of trending accessories, including our bestselling hair ribbons and rosettes. Let Aries adorn their birthday party outfits with our selection of versatile finishing touches in a range of standout colours – including rosette hair clips in black, white and red. 

Complement their look with our entire range of trending jewellery and accessories here for more gifting inspiration.  


Luxe birthday gift ideas


Aries’ birthstone is the diamond, representing strength, courage and clarity. This Aries season, gift your loved ones our selection of diamond-studded gifts – perfect for those on a budget.  

Jewellery from our Premium Gifting Collection is crafted with diamond simulants, designed to mimic the same cut and clarity as genuine diamonds triple their price. Wow your loved ones with our selection of pendant necklaces, matching jewellery sets and dazzling drop earrings – perfect for styling to special occasions and birthday events this season.  

Explore our entire range of Diamond Simulant Jewellery here for more.  


Sentimental earrings 


Forever jewellery pieces make staple gift ideas that your loved ones can return to time again in their jewellery collection. This Aries season, surprise your nearest and dearest with our selection of stainless steel earrings.

Never underestimate the power a pair of everyday earrings can hold in your jewellery rotation. Make a lasting impression on your loved one's birthday and discover our selection of stainless steel and gold plated earrings, perfect for styling in their everyday stack.  

Stainless steel jewellery contains hypoallergenic properties, making it the perfect choice for those prone to irritation, or anyone looking for a low-maintenance pair of everyday earrings. Pick out a pair of classic huggie hoop earrings, or treat your loved ones to a pair of dainty drop earrings adorned with cubic zirconia crystals for a luxe finish.  

Explore our entire collection of stainless steel earrings here for more.  


There you have it, the ultimate gifts perfect for Aries season. Discover our guide to premium birthday gifts here or visit our Aries collection for more star-sign-approved pieces.  Don’t forget to tag us in your birthday outfits over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa for a chance to be featured.   


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