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Established in 2010, Lovisa exploded into the fashion accessories scene. Now with more than 300 stores worldwide we are embarking upon a global specialty store expansion and we invite you to join us.

2010 | Lovisa was created out of the need for on trend fashion jewellery at ready to wear prices. | 1st Lovisa store in Chermside opens. | 45 stores open across AU & NZ.2011 | Delivering on trend styles worldwide. | Lovisa expands into South Africa.2012 | Lovisa opens over 100 stores across 5 countries.2013 | Lovisa reaches 190 stores internationally. | Lovisa opens in Dubai.2014 | Lovisa lists on the Australian Stock Exchange. | Lovisa opens in the Middle East.2015 | First U.K store opens | 190 new products in store every week.2016 | Stores in over 11 countries. | 1st store opens in Vietnam. | The Lovisa customer is social, confident and stylish. 2017 | Lovisa opens in USA and Spain. | Lovisa reaches over 300 stores!
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