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Dec 15 2023

Be ahead of the curve   


And just like that, the year is almost over! 2023 has been monumental for fashion, with memorable trends like coquette and colour blocking taking over the runway. But what new trends can we expect to see next year?  

To help you get ahead of the curve in 2024, we’ve uncovered the top fashion trends for the year ahead – so you don’t have to! From refined fashion to impactful silhouettes, we’ve narrowed down the next must-have trends to style in your accessory rotation.  

The colour of 2024


Each year, major labels and designers turn to one source of truth to determine what the colour palette of the season will be. Last year, Viva Magenta was crowned colour of the year – but this year, Pantone has announced that Peach Fuzz will be 2024’s annual colour. 

This peachy shade is a perfect neutral colour that can be styled for any occasion. Much like Millennial Pink, expect to see more shades of Peach popping up in the coming months.  

Discover our selection of peachy accessories here and start styling the trend before anyone else.  


A new era of coquette


If there’s one trend that defined 2023, it’s coquette. Pioneered by designers like Sandy Liang and Simone Rocha, the style quickly received widespread love, sparking a rekindled appreciation for traditionally ‘girly’ accessories and outfits.  

What started as cottage-core and ballet-core in recent seasons has morphed into a fanciful and romantic aesthetic, coined the coquette trend. The trend takes inspiration from the Victorian era, but with a modern ‘it-girl’ spin.  

In 2024 we’re going to see extensions of the trend in new forms, expanding to different textures and materials like chiffon, silk, ruffles – even knitwear. Rather than just being an aesthetic reserved for everyday outfits, coquette will soon be spotted everywhere from eveningwear to loungewear in the new year.

The added beauty of the trend is all in the details. Experiment with fine jewellery pieces etched with bows and decorative hearts or adorn your hairstyle with layered bow hair clips for a maximalist-inspired look.  

Whether you’re adorning ribbons and roses to your socks, gym bag or cocktail dress in 2024 — discover coquette-inspired pieces here for more.  


The return of boho chic


Give a trend enough time and it will always come back into fashion, and that’s exactly what we're about to see with the boho chic trend. 

The trend that ruled the early 2000s, styled by celebrity icons the Olsen Twins and Nicole Richie, is making an inevitable comeback in 2024 – but don’t let the fashion flashbacks overwhelm you just yet! Much like the reluctance on TikTok to embrace the revival of ballet flats and baggy jeans with open arms, the conversation around boho-chic has some divided. But what if the boho revival isn't exactly how you remember it? 

A new take on the boho-chic aesthetic, including gladiator sandals, hobo bags and lariat necklaces has been showcased by leading designers like Celine – but with a more refined and subtle approach.  

Next year, incorporate bohemian-inspired accessories with modern outfits. Style bold silhouettes like textured drop earrings, leather chokers and layered necklaces and incorporate the trend into your outfit rotation.  


Bigger is better


Bigger is going to be better in 2024! This past year, ‘80s-inspired silhouettes have started to surface – with bubble skirts in particular making a comeback. But that’s not the only page we’re taking from the ‘80s this year, opulence is also in.  

Everything from hemlines to hair is going to start making more of an impact next year, with oversized and sculptural accessories becoming a modern alternative to traditional statement accessories. From overblown pearl necklaces to large dome stud earrings, we’re going to be reaching for unique and eye-catching pieces in 2024.

Discover our collection of chunky statement earrings, thick choker necklaces and wow-worthy cocktail rings here and standout this season.  


Contemporary silhouettes 


Not much of a maximalist? Don’t worry – simplicity will always be trending. The effortless and chic appearance of Scandi-style continues to be one of the most popular trends of the year. Celebrities like Matilda Djerf have reignited a love for modern minimalism, making trench coats, trousers and slip skirts wardrobe must-haves again.  

Brands like Coperni, Gestuz and Prada have featured simple and modern pieces in their recent Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 23-24 collections, perfect for pairing with signature staples like pendant necklaces, huggie hoop earrings, bracelets, signet rings and more.  

Next year, curate a collection of timeless and signature pieces for a look that’s modern and timeless. Gravitate towards baguette cut crystals, initial necklaces and pearls for an effortlessly elegant finish to any outfit. 


There you have it, the top fashion trends for 2024! Be ahead of the curve next year and discover our collection of new and trending pieces here. Don’t forget to tag us in your trending outfits over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa for a chance to be featured.  

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