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Feb 22 2024

The styles of Autumn/Winter 2024  


And just like that, fashion week has come to an end! From New York to Milan, hundreds of designers showcased their latest collection this month – giving us all a sneak peek into what the trending styles of Autumn/Winter 24 will be.  

From John Galliano’s viral Margiela show to the unexpected duo we didn’t know we needed (yes, we’re talking about Kylie Jenner and Lily Vanderwoodsen), FW24 has been packed full of memorable moments.

Whether you’ve been keeping up with the happenings of fashion week in real time, or just catching yourself up to speed, we’ve recapped the top trends from the runway.  

The Maturing of the Girlhood Trend  


If 2024 has taught us anything so far, it’s that acting (and dressing) ‘like a girl’ is a superpower of its own. Last year, the coveted New York designer, Sandy Liang, turned ribbons and bows into identifying symbols of ‘it girls’ everywhere.  

From trendsetters on the Lower East Side to K-Pop superstars, everyone and their friends are styling the trend. But despite predictions that 2024 would mark the end of the bow era, the Sandy Liang FW24 show has gone to show that bows are here to stay.  

While last season embraced the coquette trend in all its elaborate and flirtatious forms, Sandy Liang's FW24 ready-to-wear collection has taken a new, refined approach – leaning into clean-cut and more mature styling.  

From sweatsuits embroidered with rosettes to pleated skirts and Mary Janes adorned with miniature bow motifs, Liang’s fall runway transitioned from overblown details to more subtle styling.  

Mature with the girlhood trend and explore our collection of refined, coquette-inspired pieces. From miniature hair bows and rosette brooches to dainty jewellery pieces etched with bows, flowers and intricate detailing.  


Mixing Genres 


Coach is one of the major labels reimagining their collections to appeal to a new generation of trendsetters. Their latest Autumn/Winter 24 collection is an ode to Gen Z style, featuring an eclectic mix of styles. 

From combat boots styled with voluminous maxi skirts to trench coats paired with Yankees baseball caps, Coach’s latest collection captures the essence of trending street style. 

The collection embraced Gen Z’s ability to create distinctive outfits with pieces from different eras and genres. Whether it’s active shorts with cowgirl boots, or butterfly wrap tops paired with formal trousers — the future of fashion is in the hands of the younger generations who aren’t afraid to experiment.  

Customise your look and channel your inner Eclectic Grandpa this season with our selection of trending accessories. Be ahead of the curve and explore maximalist ear stacks, cord necklaces, embellished ring stacks and everyday hair essentials.  


Bold Silhouettes for Everyday 


Tory Burch’s FW24 collection was all about creating impact through everyday outfits. The iconic fashion label from New York is known for its timeless sensibility and use of steam-lined silhouettes.  

Burch’s Fall ready-to-wear collection explores the idea of creating interesting and impactful outfits through modern textures, patterns and shapes. Whether you’re dressing for the office or a trip to the grocery store, Burch leans into the idea that there’s no occasion too small to dress up for. 

Experiment with your everyday style and discover our selection of sculptural jewellery and trending statement earrings. Explore our best selling teardrop earrings and bold hoops for a fashion-forward finish to your look this season.  


Modern Minimalism


In our opinion, minimalism will always be in style – and we’re not the only ones with this mentality! The Copenhagen based fashion brand, Remain, is showing the world that Scandinavian design and minimalist style will forever be on trend.  

Remain's Autumn/Winter collection designed by Creative Director, Martin Asbjørn, embraces a modern and refined approach to the Scandinavian uniform. The understated look styled by Copenhagen ‘it-girls’ is based on clean lines, neutral colours and tasteful silhouettes – all with a contemporary edge.  

While trends like the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ and ‘eclectic grandpa’ will forever have their place in our hearts, so will curating a collection of everyday jewellery staples and wardrobe basics.  

This season, perfect your own signature look with classic jewellery pieces from our Gold Plated, Sterling Silver and Boutique Collections. Opt for pieces adorned with accents like freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia crystals for a refined finish to any outfit.  


Colour & Texture 


Often, the best outfits are the ones that represent who we are – and that’s exactly the inspiration behind Eckhaus Latta’s latest collection. The independent fashion brand showcased its ready-to-wear collection during Fall Fashion Week, inspired by New York’s cityscape.  

Creative Directors, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, expressed their love for the city through unique colour combinations and experimental textures. Garments in shades of grey and black were balanced with pops of vibrant hues of mustard, violet and burgundy. 

Incorporating geometric shapes and contrasting fabrics into your outfit can create an eye-catching and multi-dimensional edge to any outfit. Explore our selection of colourful statement jewellery and fabric accessories to style the trend yourself. 


There you have it, the top trends for Autumn/Winter FW24! Be ahead of the curve with our selection of trending jewellery and accessories, hot off the runway. Don’t forget to tag us in your fashion week inspired outfits over on our Instagram or TikTok with #MyLovisa for a chance to be featured.  


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