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Jan 13 2023

Enter The Year of The Rabbit in style


 Chinese New Year is right around the corner – which means, it’s time to start thinking about your New Year look! We’ve curated a guide to the best accessories and motifs to accent your outfit and enter the Year of The Rabbit in style.

The Year of The Rabbit  

The Year of The Rabbit is predicted to be a positive and prosperous year full of hope and opportunities! So, even if you’re not born a Rabbit – 2023 can still be your year. 

The Rabbit is the fourth sign in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, which consists of twelve animals; the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. People born during the year of the Rabbit make reliable and loyal friends, are known to be kind, gentle, skillful and alert – much like the animal itself. Not sure if you’re a Rabbit? Rabbits were born in 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, and 2023.  

Chinese New Year Collection  


To celebrate The Year of The Rabbit, we’ve launched our Chinese New Year Collection with a range of limited-edition jewellery! This collection features elegant bunny and paw print pendants, perfect for everyday wear and for adding festive flair to your outfit during the new year period. 

Add a finishing touch to your New Year’s look with dainty pieces like our Gold Bubble Bunny Necklace, or style our Mixed Metal Pave Diamante Bunny Necklace Two Pack with your bestie! Plus, pieces from our Chinese New Year Collection come in a Lovisa gift box, making the perfect gift for the rabbits in your life. 


Styling Your Red Outfit 


Not sure what to wear this Chinese New Year? Red is the most popular and obvious choice when thinking of an outfit to wear to ring in the New Year. The colour red is considered a symbol of luck and good fortune and is the perfect colour to wear while visiting friends and family during Chinese New Year!  

While red might be an intimidating colour to some, there are many ways that you can style this bold colour. Adopt a ‘more is more’ approach by pairing your red outfit with layered Gold chains and Pearls. If you want to keep your look simple, a couple of delicate chains will let your outfit do the talking while adding a subtle detail. 

Elevate your red look with staple pieces from our Gold Plated and Sterling Silver Collections. Or accent your looks with adorning accessories from our Body Accessories Collection. 


Red Accessories  


If head to toe red isn’t your jam, you can still get into the festive spirit with pieces from our Red Collection. Go full glam with a ruby red statement necklace, or keep your pop of red minimal with a pair of red accent earrings

Explore our collection of vibrant accessories and accent your New Year look with pieces from our Red Collection here.


Floral Motifs  


With a never-ending chain of Chinese New Year festivities to attend, switch things up by swapping your red ensemble for a graceful floral number. Floral print is a great way to add pops of red and pink to a darker colour palette and can be worn both day and night. 

Style your floral print with even more floral motifs for a bold fashion-forward look with flower clips and crowns or with petal and floral motif earrings. For an elegant evening look, accessorise with premium pieces from our Cubic Zirconia Collection.  


A Modern Twist on Traditional  


In recent years, traditional Asian silhouettes have been given new life, with designers showcasing their take on Asian inspired styles. This trend has also been spotted on top Asian stars from Marvel star Gemma Chan to international style icons Black Pink. There’s no better time than Chinese New Year to jump on the trend, however if you can’t commit to wearing a full qipao, opt for a more modern look incorporating individual elements like mandarin collars, buttons, materials like silk or detailed embroidery.  

Pair your look with Asian inspired motifs like dragons and flowers, or opt for statement earrings to complement high necklines. 


Explore our collection of Red Accessories, and check our new Chinese New Year range for more inspiration. Don’t forget to tag us in your Chinese New Year looks over on our Instagram with the hashtag #MyLovisaStyle.